Lamotrigine; also known by the name Lamictal, began manufacturing by the medicine behemoth GlaxoSmithKline Inc. GSK manufactures over $35 billion in drugs. In 2012, GSK pled guilty to criminal charges and paid out over $3 billion in damages and fines in order to continue manufacturing drugs.

GlaxoSmithKline; sued for its poor business ethics, isn’t a new contender to the courtroom. Of their top 6 selling drugs – Advair, Avodart, Flovent, Augmentin, Lovaza and Lamictal, GSK has been involved in lawsuits for 4 of them.

After so many settlements and suits, GSK should be improving its business practices like their court agreement to improve business practices stipulates, but GSK is yet again at war with another drug company in a fight over its Lamictal patents, one of the bad drugs that GSK was sued for. If GSK was even the slightest bit concerned about its consumers, a significant amount of their money should be going into improving their drug and giving adequate warning to consumers, rather than fighting with other drug manufacturing companies about who owns the rights to the drugs.

One of the accusations that GSK was convicted of was failure to report known safety risks involved with use of Paxil and Wellbutrin, as well as promotion of unapproved uses. These convictions are in-line with the failure to mention in Lamictal’s Black Box Warning labels that Lamictal use could result in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Aseptic Meningitis, which are both potentially fatal conditions that many Lamictal users suffer from on an unpredictable basis, yet the drug is still available for consumers to purchase.

After many lawsuits and bad drug news about GlaxoSmithKline’s string of dangerous drugs, GSK signed an agreement to practice better business ethics as well as correct the wrongly labeled drugs that they had sold and distributed to millions of consumers. GSK cooperated with the labeling policies and changed Black Box warnings to include facts about Aseptic Meningitis and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, but these were required by law and held the risk of declining legal sale with FDA approval – thus, they had to be done.

In 2002, GlaxoSmithKline and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries got started with a patent suit over the legality of Teva’s manufacturing of generic brand drugs. Instead of dedicating company financial resources to fixing the deadly chemical GSK was releasing into the bodies of Lamictal consumers, company resources were put into defending their patent and continuing their monopoly over the Lamotrigine market – something that no business practicing “Better business ethics” would do.

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