Patients taking Lamictal reported very undesirable side effects not mentioned on the Black Box warning label. Approximately 10% of these patients reported a rash in some area on their bodies. Though most of these mentioned rashes that were caused by Lamictal ranged from barely noticeable to moderate, one case in particular is cause to immediately cease use of Lamictal.

This case was Stevens-Johnson Syndrome – a severe rash which infiltrates the mucous membranes throughout the body and causes extreme rashes, ultimately making the skin literally peel from the body. This is described by patients as “fire beneath my skin” and reportedly made it excruciating even to move. This is easily life-threatening with very high mortality rates, and those who survive are permanently disfigured. These side effects will usually begin with sore throat and fever, followed closely by blistering beneath the skin; lesions and ulcers usually in the mouth, on the lips and in the genital region.